Q. Who do Dental Digital work with?

A. We work with Cosmetic Dental practice owners who are making least £20k per month, after expenses, who want to grow by at least £10-30k per month without working harder. We’ve worked over 6 years developing the perfect plug and play system, which is our very own unique, proprietary method – you won’t find it anywhere else.

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Q. How big/small does my business have to be for your unique, proprietary method to work?

A. It’s a scalable method which means it is equally powerful regardless if you are big, medium or small in size.

Q. How do I know if this program is for me?

A. Action takers only – we don’t work with practice owners who aren’t entirely sure about wanting to grow. You’ve got to be fully committed to growing your business, creating a business that runs itself, fully maximise capacity of your surgeries and release trapped profit in your practice.

Q. How does the Dental Digital method work?

A. Through a combination of mentorship, coaching, implementation support, proven digital marketing campaigns and more.

Q. Will it work for me in my country?

A. We currently have clients in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the US, Australia and South Africa. We fully believe our system would work anywhere but if you are located outside of the countries listed above, let’s arrange a call so we can get to know about your country and your current situation a little better.

As long as you’re committed, this system will work. We only work with business we believe 100% that we can help.

Q. What sort of results can I expect?

A. We guarantee a 5X return on your investment. We usually achieve around 10X ROI. For that reason, we have to be absolutely sure that we are collectively the right fit for each other.

For the wrong person (non action taker, a “know-it-all”, a “victim” mentality) – I guarantee that I won’t help them, they won’t achieve anything even with the best strategies and support I have to offer. For the right person, results are guaranteed.

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